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Quick Tips

Don't charge for branded or promotional items

When you’re making a unique product from scratch or you’re already a big box brand, then branded products for sale make sense. But if you’re establishing your business and simply trying to get your customers to help spread the word about your brand through swag, offer these products for free.

Make sure the item(s) you’re using to spread brand awareness fits within your existing budget or build it in to your production costs.

When you ask someone to pay you in order to promote your business, you create a barrier between you and your customer. Don’t charge someone to do you a favor.

Incentivize customers to share your business across social media

Offer perks to your customers for sharing photos of themselves using your products and wearing your swag on social platforms to help you get in front of their audience (likely also your target demographic).


You can offer to send free product or provide a complimentary service in exchange. Or just simply ask that they share your product or service because they like it.