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How The Magik Candle grew to a global brand in less than a year

The Magik Candle

The Magik Candle owner, Erik Saul, had started his hand-made candles business after the COVID-19 pandemic affected his full-time job. Like many new e-commerce business owners, Erik was coming in without much knowledge on the online sales landscape and didn’t know how to prioritize the many aspects of his new venture.

Cour Collaborative was able to help Erik define his brand identity, learn about his key competitors, clean up his website navigation & design, and strategize a phased marketing plan. By devoting his attention to priority items, Erik was able to save time & money.

Growth strategy

After conducting extensive industry-specific, consumer demographics, and competitor research, Cour Collaborative put together an actionable, phased marketing plan for The Magik Candle. With this, owner Erik has been able to establish brand authority globally, grow his product line in a way that didn’t take away from his core offerings, establish retail partnerships, build relationships with repeat customers, and learn how to monitor his marketing success.


Knowing he’d need a logo, Erik used Shopify’s free logo maker. This was a great tool to use to have a quick & free placeholder logo, but it wasn’t going to work as a long term solution for the type of business Erik was building.

Shopify’s free logo maker – like most free and low-cost logo design tools and businesses – uses and reuses a stock of images and fonts. This means that the logos it produces are not unique and are being used elsewhere by other businesses which also used their free logo maker tool. We were even given the exact same logo that Erik was using when we tested the tool for a totally different business.

Cour Collaborative found a designer within his budget to help him develop a completely custom logo that matched his brand aesthetic and set him apart from his competition.




The Magik Candle’s website was built using Shopify. Shopify is Cour Collaborative’s preferred e-commerce platform because they have a broad spectrum of integrations and its Basic plan price point is among the best for businesses of all sizes. So the Magik Candle’s site was off to good start with a great foundation. But where Erik needed help was understanding UX (user experience) and how that could play a role in his business’ success.

We took a full inventory of Erik’s products and, with his customer journey goals in mind, we helped him consolidate his product offering, highlight his USPs (unique selling propositions), and carry his brand more prominently throughout the site.

“Paula with Cour Collaborative not only supplied me with the tools I needed to be a successful business owner, she’s also a mentor and continues to guide me in my daily business operations. I am forever grateful for her guidance and expertise throughout my business endeavors!”

Erik Saul
Owner, The Magik Candle

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