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Skylark Lounge spices things up in Austin

The Skylark Lounge

The historic Skylark Lounge boasts true Austin charm thanks to its dive bar ambiance and incredible lineup of legendary acts such as Soul Man Sam and Nakia Reynoso of The Voice.

While named the best bar in Texas by Business Insider, Skylark still needed to boost its weeknight sales.

Re-strategizing their approach and bringing in new partners, we were able to increase event turnout and sales.

Growth strategy

After in-depth research, we coordinated with local musicians to organize themed events including charitable benefits and exclusive holiday performances. To make these events even more alluring, we collaborated with local chefs that met the vibe of the entertainment and audience to develop imaginative bites & specialty cocktails. We helped produce unique and playful marketing items as well as did a social media takeover to bring a fresh voice to Skylark’s promotional outreach.


Increase in weeknight traffic


Increase in weeknight drink sales


Increase in special event turnout


Increase in special event drink sales