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How CAPS has become a pillar for folks with Parkinson's in Austin

The Capital Area Parkinson's Society

The Capital Area Parkinson’s Society (CAPS) is a nonprofit organization based in Austin, Texas serving the needs of people with Parkinson’s and their friends, families, and care partners.

When they approached Cour Collaborative, they were in the midst of a transitional period. COVID-19 had disrupted their fundraising and many of their members weren’t comfortable with a move to more technology-driven efforts. CAPS had also been experiencing a general decline in member growth and engagement prior to COVID-19, that they weren’t sure how to remedy.

Working closely with the CAPS board of directors, Cour Collaborative was able to help them modernize in a way that felt comfortable to its members, clean up their general operations to make life easier for its fully volunteer-led team, and strategize new ways to increase their funds so they could continue to grow their support programs.

Growth strategy

The Capital Area Parkinson’s Society was seeing a decline in event attendance, donations, and general engagement. This made it difficult for them to expand their programming to support Austin’s Parkinson’s community.

After an in-depth audit of CAPS’s financials and partnerships as well as goal-setting discussions with the board of directors, Cour Collaborative put together a detailed strategic plan to help them grow their brand awareness, membership base, event turnout, partnerships, and fundraising opportunities.


Increase in funds from 2021 to 2022


Month over month member growth


Increase in support group turnout in 2022 compared to 2021


The Capital Area Parkinson’s Society has been around since the 80’s, and their logo was a proud reminder of where they’d come from with a nod to the symbolic Parkinson’s tulip. But they hadn’t made any updates to their brand image since CAPS’s inception, and it was causing technical snags in design processes – they did not have vector or high-resolution files of their logo – and the appearance of professionalism.

It was an emotional step forward to say goodbye to the beloved CAPS logo, but it was necessary to give them the brand tools and integrity they needed.

We helped CAPS source a local designer who could meet them at their budget and who could help them modernize their logo without losing their overall brand or the important Parkinson’s tulip.




The Capital Area Parkinson’s Society did its best to keep its website up to date, but as the CAPS website grew larger and larger over the years, it became difficult to navigate and its overall design had gotten lost.

After Cour Collaborative helped to rebuild the CAPS brand, we took a step back and restructured their website from scratch. We built out a new site map based on member responses to a survey we conducted, consolidated & wrote new content, and redirected outdated information to the new.

In the end, we were able to launch a brand new, cohesive website that was easy for CAPS’s user-base to use and stay engaged.

“I wanted to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to the team at Cour Collaborative. Paula worked tirelessly to create an updated website for Capital Area Parkinson’s Society (CAPS). We are very happy with the results and have received many positive comments from our members on the new site. The layout, colors and vibe are all spot on. Thank you so much!!”

Jennifer Prescott, RN, MSN
Vice President, Capital Area Parkinson’s Society