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How to get your customers to do your marketing for you

Referral Marketing: Vol 2

TL;DR: Reusable bags and branded games can give a brand new audience an introduction to your business.

Reusable bags give your customers a promotional item that’s useful to them and you.

Customized bags that serve a practical purpose and can be used more than once, particularly in front of others, give you a great chance at reaching new audiences.

Many folks are either actively trying to be environmentally friendly or just trying to avoid paying an extra fee for bags at checkout. Giving out bags can meet their need, ingratiate you more to their sustainability or cost-saving cares, and enlist them as brand ambassadors without asking them to do anything outside of their normal routine.

Canvas bags are a great option because they’re long lasting, are machine washable, and fold down pretty tightly to fit in smaller car compartments or inside other bags. We used Zazzle to produce our own custom canvas tote bags. We’ve been happy with the quality, the pricing was fair, their turnaround was quick, and their customer service was top notch.

Other promotional bag material options are vinyl or polypropylene. These are good if you’re looking for a cheaper option but still want something that can last a little while. When dining in or out at Best Quality Daughter in San Antonio, any food you bring home will be packaged neatly in their reusable vinyl bag. So not only are they filling a need in the moment to help you bring your food home, they’re also giving you a gift that can also create more business for them. Best Quality Daughter’s branded to-go bag is an example of using promotional items in a practical way that serve a dual purpose.

When helping the Capital Area Parkinson’s Society gear up for their annual fundraiser, we worked with the great folks at Discount Mugs to get their tote bags. Our Account Manager, Kelly, helped us to thoroughly understand all of our cost-savings options as a nonprofit and she was able to get us quick turnaround with the last minute items we needed before the event. And the quality was great.

Tech storage and travel bags are another great way to provide a useful item that’ll get your customers using your promotional gear in front of crowds. AnyPromo has a couple of the more affordable options for customized tech organizers like this small storage bag and this mesh pouch.

Branded games are a great way to get others to share your business with their friends and family.

Making your own game sets with your branding on them is a fun way to encourage brand awareness.

Custom playing cards are pretty easy to find through print companies like Bicycle Cards or MPC. But personalized card decks can be a bit costly. If you have a tighter budget but want to go this route, you can use these as thank yous for special customers or larger purchases. Or you can use them as part of gift or raffle bags with other swag.

One of the easiest games to customize is Farkle. Paging Supermom has a great post on how to make your own Farkle set for less than $3 per set. You can choose dice that match your brand and add a sticker or two of your logo and company information to the tin.

Don’t forget to ask your customers to tag you when they share photos of their game nights using your branded game set.

Want some help finding a promotional item that’s useful for your customers and fits in your budget?

Reach out and let us help you find a cost-effective swag option that your customers will love to show off.

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