Elementor Pro Setup

TL;DR: Log into your WordPress dashboard, hover over Elementor in the lefthand navigation, select “Upgrade”, and follow the prompts.

Step 1)

  1. Log into your WordPress dashboard
  2. In the lefthand navigation, select “Elementor”
  3. In the Elementor submenu, select “Upgrade” (this is sometimes listed as “Upgrade to Elementor Pro” at the very bottom of the submenu)

Step 2)

  1. Select the Elementor Pro plan that makes the most sense for you (if you’re a Cour Collaborative client, you’ll likely just need their Essential Plan)

Step 3)

  1. Add in your email and set your password to create your account
  2. Enter your billing info
  3. Enter your payment info
  4. Click “Pay now”

Step 4)

Once you’ve completed Step 3, you’ll receive an email like the one below titled “Purchase Confirmation and Instructions – Elementor Pro”. From here, you can choose one of two options:


  1. Provide Cour Collaborative with your Elementor login and let us handle the rest from here (no need to move on to Step 5)


  1. Scroll down through the purchase confirmation and instructions email to the first installation step
  2. Click “my.elementor.com”
  3. Log in with the email and password you set in Step 3

Step 5)

  1. After you’ve logged in to your Elementor account, go to “Subscriptions” in the lefthand navigation
  2. Select “Download Zip” to download your Elementor Pro install file
  3. Upload this ZIP file to the Client Uploads folder in your shared Google Drive folder with Cour Collaborative