Elementor Pro Setup Guide

Elementor Pro Setup TL;DR: Log into your WordPress dashboard, hover over Elementor in the lefthand navigation, select “Upgrade”, and follow the prompts. Step 1) Log into your WordPress dashboard In the lefthand navigation, select “Elementor” In the Elementor submenu, select “Upgrade” (this is sometimes listed as “Upgrade to Elementor Pro” at the very bottom ofContinue reading “Elementor Pro Setup Guide”

Free and low-cost design tools vol. 1

Free & low cost design tools:vol 1 TL;DR: Digital and print postcards are an engaging way to motivate customers to share your business with their network. While it’s ideal to have a professional tackle your design needs, there are some tools that can help you save money on smaller tasks. When it comes to thingsContinue reading “Free and low-cost design tools vol. 1”

Skylark Lounge

The Skylark Lounge SERVICES Business strategy Guided DIY marketing Project management Operations The historic Skylark Lounge boasts true Austin charm thanks to its dive bar ambiance and incredible lineup of legendary acts such as Soul Man Sam and Nakia Reynoso of The Voice. While named the best bar in Texas by Business Insider, Skylark stillContinue reading “Skylark Lounge”